Dad’s First 5K

I am visiting my family in Georgia this week, before heading off to a conference in Atlanta this weekend. This past Saturday, my dad and I ran a 5k in town. The really exciting part, however? It was Dad’s very first ever running race! He’s been training all spring to run his first 5k. It […]

How to Style a Bar Cart

How To Style a (Budget!) Bar Cart

Today I’m sharing my first home project! In the past few months, I’ve become more and more obsessed with home decor and planning for my new apartment. Similarly to how I’ve started to research/purchase pricier skin care products/makeup in the interest of taking better care of my skin, rather than just throwing whatever drugstore products […]

Marathon Training, Week 19

Hi everyone! Thanks for bearing with me, when I’m being slow about getting my posts about the marathon up. This is finals week for me so I’m spending most of my days cranking out my three final papers. Today I’m going to recap the week leading up to the race, and hopefully very soon I’ll […]


Marathon Training, Week 18

Week 18! It’s the fiiiiinnnnaaaallll counnnntdown! This time next week, I’ll be a marathoner! I’m so excitedly anxious about this experience! I think I’m going to love it. This past week was out of the norm for me. For the past 17 weeks, I have followed my training plan religiously. The background information about my personality […]


Loving Lately

Happy Thursday, friends! Thanks for being here today! I spend tons of time browsing blogs and “window” shopping online, so here are some of my favorite finds as of late! Also just realizing that all of these outfits are blue/white/neutral. What can I say, IlikewhatIlike. Did y’all know you could shop TJ Maxx online? Dangerous […]

Marathon Training, Week 17

Today is an exciting day, friends! There are officially less than 2 weeks until my first marathon! Also, it’s Boston Marathon Monday! I have the live stream pulled up in my office this morning. Maybe one day, I’ll run Boston! For now, I’m just concentrating on finishing my first marathon.  This week was pretty good. […]